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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Where To Buy Cheap Baju Raya Online - VERCATO Raya Collection on Lazada Malaysia

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Salam Ramadan to all fellow Muslim in the world. With less than a month's time to Hari Raya celebration, this is the best time of the year to shop around for beautiful and affordable baju raya.

If you're hunting for special deals and cheap Raya clothes online, you should check out the link down below for VERCATO's Raya 2017 collection on Lazada website.

Find Vercato on Lazada at

If you're feeling a bit diligent, you might search online for some coupon or discount codes by Lazada Malaysia and enjoy your extra discounts with the same free shipping priviledge offered by VERCATO.

Have you shop for muslimah wear or any clothing items on Lazada Malaysia's website or app before? If no, where is your typical go-to place or brand when you're looking to buy Baju Raya? Let us know in the comment down below.

Wishing you a blessed Ramadan and Happy Fasting Month!

Bagaimanakah caranya untuk memilih warna ton merah untuk Hari Raya 2017?

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Bagaimanakah caranya untuk memilih warna ton merah untuk Hari Raya 2017?

Tema Raya 2017: Merah Meletop 

Salam Ramadan buat semua Datin, Puan Sri, Cik Puan, kekakak dan cik adik sekalian.

Sekarang ni kan bulan Ramadan, so I ada 1 soalan yang amat penting nak tanya you all nie.

Soalannya ialah, "Apakah Tema Warna Baju Raya 2017 Anda"?

Kalau belum terfikir, biar I bagi idea warna MERAH sebagai tema baju raya anda pada tahun ini pula. Pernah cuba ke? Kalau belum, jom kita cuci mata dengan gambar baju raya yang cantik dan anggun selepas berbuka.

Ada 1 perkara yang penting semasa memilih ton warna merah, iaitu warna ton kulit anda. Ada orang yang warna ton kulitnya lebih sesuai untuk memakai warna merah terang dan selainnya lebih cantik apabila mengenakan warna merah yang gelap. Ada juga sesetengah orang yang amat bernasib baik, mereka bebas untuk memakai mana-mana warna ton yang dia suka tanpa was-was.

Bagaimanakah saya tahu ton warna kulit saya? 
Tips: Cuma perlu perhatikan warna nadi di pergelangan tangan anda. Biasanya terdapat 3 jenis warna ton nadi dan sifat ton warnanya:
- nadi ton berwarna biru dan ungu - cool
- nadi ton berwarna hijau - warm
- nadi ton berwarna biru-hijau / ungu - neutral

Sifat warna ton kulit: Cool, Warm dan Neutral.
Kredit foto: wikiHow

1. Warna Nadi Ton Berwarna Biru dan Ungu
- Warna kulit anda bersifat COOL.
- Lebih sesuai memakai aksesori perak.
- Kulit kelihatan berwarna ton merah jambu, merah dan biru.

Anda digalakkan supaya memilih warna MERAH TERANG, yang bersifat cool seperti warna ton kulit anda.

Baju berwarna MERAH TERANG untuk anda yang bersifat COOL Undertone.

Dari kiri:

💃🏽RUBY Ruffle Peplum Lace Dress in Red
💃🏽ADELE Wrap Dress in Red
Chiffon Lace Dress in Red

2. Warna Nadi Ton Berwarna Hijau
- Warna kulit anda bersifat WARM.
- Lebih sesuai memakai aksesori emas.
- Kulit kelihatan berwarna ton kuning dan peach/pic.

Anda digalakkan supaya memilih warna MERAH GELAP, yang bersifat warm seperti warna ton kulit anda.

Baju berwarna MERAH GELAP untuk anda yang bersifat WARM Undertone.

Dari kiri:

💃🏽MADISON Embellished Flare Back Top

💃🏽GABRIELL Chiffon Maxi Dress 

💃🏽RILEY Pleats Peplum Long Dress with Ribbon Belt

3. Warna Nadi Ton Berwarna Biru-Hijau / Ungu
- Warna kulit anda bersifat NEUTRAL.
- Sesuai memakai aksesori berwarna perak dan emas.
- Kulit tidak kelihatan berwarna ton merah jambu, merah, biru, kuning dan peach/pic.

Tahniah, anda bebas memilih warna ton mengikut cita rasa dan mood anda. Semua warna dan ton nampak cantik tidak kira waktu.

Baju-baju yang dipamerkan di atas semuanya dari Koleksi Baju Raya 2017 VERCATO yang terkini. Kalau nak ketahui lebih banyak maklumat, layari website:

Kalau anda suka artikel ini, sila share di Facebook, Pinterest ataupun Instagram anda. Komen di bawah kalau pernah cuba petua di atas yea.

Terima-kasih dearies kerana sudi membaca.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Baju Raya 2017 Murah di Lembah Klang (Metrojaya Mid Valley Shopping Center).

50% Off RAYA SALE 2017:

Raya season is around the corner. It's still not too late if you still feels the need to shop for new baju. If you're not going to balik kampung (or your kampung is in Klang Valley), from now until 25th June 2017, you should know this news. Treat yourself to new baju this Raya at special deals and enjoy super savings!

Vercato clothings are trusted by our loyal customers for high quality at affordable price. You get affordable priced baju without compromising on the quality. Do not miss out the Raya Last Minute Sale now happening in Metrojaya Mid Valley with big savings up to 50% off!

Metrojaya Mid Valley, Ground Floor, Ladies Department, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

Sale Period:
Valid from 12 June - 25 June 2017

*Selected designs only

Contact us on WhatsApp for sizing details:
+6011-26600313 (Mon-Fri, 9:30am - 7:30pm)

4 Stunning Raya Looks at 50% off:

Grab these stunning and elegant Raya classics at half price, or think of it as "Buy 1 FREE 1"! Come and try the fit and feel the fabric here at METROJAYA Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

Kebaya Moden Lace in green and orange

MIA Kebaya Moden is designed with interesting non-detachable diamante floral decor that adorns the front of the baju. Paired with an unique pleated mermaid skirt in matching hue. Both garments are fully lined. If you look closely, the baju is made of crochet lace and trimmed with lace trimmings to further enhance the luxurious look of the baju. The skirt is just a simple one featuring front pleated details that almost looks like a split front skirt that's so hot in-trend right now.

VERCATO MIA: Kebaya Moden Lace in green and orange

Baju Kurung Moden Lace in Dusty Pink and Blue

MILA Baju Kurung Moden is inspired from the classic Baju Kurung Pahang with a tweak of fabric swap of lace for its top and gathered chiffon for its skirt. The lace scallop hem of the baju feels very dreamy and demure, we think that it's very suitable as Raya pertama's main outfit! Don't you love how traditional and modern influence coincide and work its magic on this design? This is simple, Love, Love, Love!

VERCATO MILA: Baju Kurung Moden Lace in Dusty Pink and Blue

Baju Kurung Moden with Peplum in Beige and Grey

ANYA Baju Kurung Moden with puffy peplum and luxe embellished sequins. Definitely elegant and feminine for days you'd like to spice up your look especially during Raya open house and also to your best friend's kenduri kahwin.

VERCATO ANYA: Baju Kurung Moden Puffy Peplum in Beige and Grey

Jubah lace with full lining in salmon pink or dusty orange.

VIKA Jubah Lace is suitable for petite women. The crochet lace are combined geometrically at the bodice part, acts to add more definition and interesting details to the overall luxe look. If you're looking for a perfect statement outfit for a night out on the town or a black tie party, this is the dress for you!

Have you spotted any personal favorites from our list of Baju Raya at 50%? Thanks for reading and with this we'd like to end the post with a wish, "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin" to you and your loved ones.

See you again after the Raya holidays. stay safe and enjoy the holidays to non muslims.


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Raya 2017 Pre Ramadan Sale Online, Save Up To RM109

LEFT: Model donning VERCATO Baju Kurung Moden Ariana in bluish grey

Hi VERCATO dearies, if you have followed us on Facebook and Instagram, or even browsed our latest launch of VERCATO Raya 2017 collection online, you may have guessed it correctly. The outfit on the left above is by our brand, VERCATO.

Save More on Your New Raya Outfits.

This season, VERCATO and Lazada Malaysia have a limited time Raya 2017 sale campaign, it's called the Pre-Ramadan campaign. This is where you get exclusive discounts online for the pretty Baju Kurung Moden, Kebaya, Jubah, Muslimah Dresses, Top and Pants alike!

If you're looking for special discounts during this Raya outfit shopping, you have come to the right place!

Get 20% OFF the VERCATO Raya 2017 collection during the Pre Ramadan special sale when you buy online through this link at Lazada Malaysia.

The sale campaign is valid from 19 till 31 May 2017.

FYI, it's FREE express delivery throughout Malaysia.

ETA for West Malaysia: 1-3 working days
ETA for East Malaysia: 2-4 working days

See What's Trending for Hari Raya 2017 Looks.

For this and more stunning Raya looks, grab the May 2017 issues of the Nona and Mingguan Wanita magazines from your nearby newspaper or bookstores vendors.

We would like to thank Lazada Malaysia for this exclusive Raya spread just in time before the Hari Raya festival arrives.

What's Next for VERCATO Raya Collection This Year.

We will be adding some new styles to complete our Raya 2017 collection soon by May 2017. Keep updated with us via Facebook or Instagram!

VERCATO Official Website:

We ship globally and it's FREE shipping for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (order over RM300 and above).

We welcome your inquiries:

WhatsApp us at +6011-26600313 (Mon - Fri, 9:30 am - 7: 30pm)
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