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Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Color Themed Special Occasion Wear - Baju Kurung & Kebaya Moden by VERCATO

Got an invitation to a wedding event coming up soon?

So next, you're planning on what to wear to the special day. There's a 50-50 chance that they might have color theme for the occasion. Check with the bride/bridegroom or the invitation card for this piece of vital information.

So the shopping hunt begins. Often times, it can be overwhelming trying to shop from one shop to another yet you can't seem to find anything suitable for the theme.

Thanks to modern technology, we can now shop at the comfort of our home and get the exact baju that you needed just by online shopping like for baju kurung, kebaya and dresses alike. If the size doesn't fit, just contact us for size exchange within 30 days.

On another scenario, not limited to weddings, it's also fun to wear color co-ordinated baju raya with your family members too. Plus, we can guarantee that your photos are going to turn out very nice with cohesive color outfits when taking family portraits during festivals like Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Raya Haji or just any family gathering session!

Without further ado, here are the "6 Color Themed Special Occasion Wear" - The Baju Kurung and Kebaya Moden edition.

We've linked each outfit below, if you're interested to buy, feel free to click on the links below.

1) Color Theme: DARK BLUE

Dark blue outfits is a crowd favorite choice as it suits almost everyone. It's rich and deep hue looks classy, elegant and formal on either gender, females or males.

It's the perfect color for 'baju raya sedondon' effect if you're planning to color co-ordinate with everyone in your family. We would think that would be your safest bet for everyone to look good on the big day! Plus, you would also look slimmer in this dark color without being too plain-Jane.

From Left: MirandaKayla, Allie, Sarafina (sold out), Atita (available at Metrojaya Mid Valley and Suria Sabah)
Miranda trendy flare sleeves Baju Kurung Kedah in lace. 
Kayla is a loose fitting Baju Kurung Kedah with some lace details at sleeves and mermaid skirt.

Allie is a chic and modern take on Baju Kurung Moden , adorned with unique puffy peplum details.

2) Color Theme: SHADES OF BLUE

Next we have outfits in different shades of blue, take your pick from bright turquoise to greenish-blue or what we can teal blue.

Brownie point given for color matching with red lip color too, if you ask us what kind of make up would suit this look. Check out the make up looks from our models below for inspiration! Of course, a nude color lip color looks as sassy and classy with blue outfits too!

It's your choice ladies!

From Left: Lora (Turquoise)Lora (Periwinkle Blue)AzraAtitaAliceAllie
Lora Baju Kurung has raw lace edges around the sleeves and hem, quite fancy for a lace Kurung Moden we would think.
Another color option for Lora Baju Kurung in scallop lace edges, this is the periwinkle blue version.

3) Color Theme: GREY & DUSTY BLUE

Soft grayish blue or dusty blue outfits are rare to find. once you found a good fit, just grab it and never let go. It's feminine hue also makes it one of our favorite picks from the collection.

You can dress it up or down with the faux wrap kurung peplum, shown on the left. For more formal occasions, spice things up a notch with vintage brooches on the top for a Chanel inspired look. Or sew some beads, pearls or decorative on the waist band for a more glitzy personalized touch!

While the Kurung Peplum on the right is already embellished with floral details, you can just wear it as it is. No need to add any more blings as we have done the job for you. Both would be suitable for romantic occasions like wedding kenduri too!

From left: ArianaLaila
Ariana Kurung Peplum is a demure creation features a mock wrap top that comes with a matching mermaid maxi skirt.

Laila Asymmetric Kurung Peplum with floral embellishments is the perfect ensemble for a glam day to night outing.


Another one of our favorite Baju Kurung Kedah design is the chic and trendy Sofia Kurung Moden. Love the key features such as tiny key hole design, lace trimmings, tulip split maxi skirt with peeking pleated chiffon as you walk in it.

Get the darker green one on the left or any other emerald green to look polished and slimmer instantly!

From left: Sofia (Dark Green)Sofia (Grey)

Sofia (emerald dark green), sophisticated Kurung Moden for all occasions.

Sofia (grey) Kurung Moden, the color itself is interesting, it looks like grey and has a tint of green in it when you see up close.

5) Color Theme: BEIGE

Beige color theme is popular mostly on wedding occasions. Which styles do you usually wear as a wedding guest? Take your pick from the modernized Baju Kurung Pahang, Baju Kurung Kedah and Kebaya Moden. Other than these, you may also find casual and glam maxi dresses that would look as stunning.

From left: SalmaAliceAmelia, Selena (sold out), ArianaKayla

Salma Kurung Moden with lace maxi skirt. We think it would look as good if all the brooches were removed and just add 1 brooch on either side of your shoulder to get that luxe (think Chanel style) outfit effect. 

Alice Kurung Moden has that slimming effect of v-neckline and inverted V below the waist. Get the slimmer look that you've always wanted with this style.

One look at Amelia Kurung Moden, it may be mistaken as a shawl around your shoulder. It's a built-in lace cape that makes this outfit so special. We love this look, what do you think?

Ariana faux wrap kurung peplum. The material on this is so soft and cooling. Did you notice the main details of this baju kurung? Hint: see the cuffs and you'll see it. Yes, it is that cutesy ribbon on an adult sized baju. We think you'll like them too.

Kayla Baju Kurung Kedah is a creation of style meets comfort.

6) Color Theme: PINK

From soft pink to dusty pink or muted red baju kurung and kebaya moden. Which one is your favorite style and color? We have full lace kurung moden like Alice or partially lace like Eliza. If you want a more casual kind of baju kurung for everyday wear, check Azra out. For a more special occasion, you may like Salma or Laila kurung peplum.

From left: SalmaAzraElizaLailaAlice

Salma Kurung Peplum in soft baby pink color. The top has a subtle sheen and the lace mermaid lace skirt completes this stylish modernized baju kurung peplum. Style it with cream or light grey shawl or tudung for an effortless modern muslimah look.

Azra Kurung Pahang is not just a typical baju kurung. It's an on-trend balloon sleeve and rows of gold metallic buttons adds to the charm of this entire outfit. Look up and you would notice the mandarin collar has the metallic button that matches the sleeve buttons.

Eliza is an one piece dress though it may look like baju kurung at a glance. Love the cinched in high waisted style and asymmetrical ruffles design gives a slimmer and taller optical illusion.

Laila Kurung Moden is for days when you want to dress up a little. That embellished shoulders would look nice with your tudung (a.k.a shawl or hijab) pinned away, leaving either one side of the embellishments peeking through. Or try to wear your tudung without blocking the embellishements for a full on bling-bling shoulders.

Alice Kurung Moden in seductive muted red tone. A very lovable color if you're not a fan of bright reds.

7) Color Theme: SHADES OF ORANGE

Last but not least, it's the different shades of orange hue outfits for those special outings. Just looking at the zesty orange color, it kind of gives off that happy and fun vibes.

From left: AtitaLailaAlyssaLoraMiranda

Atita crochet lace baju kurung in salmon pink, demure and timeless piece with a dash of color pop.

Laila Kurung Peplum with asymmetrical cut and embellished shoulders in muted orange-brownish hue, feels like nice and warm just like the autumn season.

Alyssa is made of soft stretchy lace and full lined. If you like minimal designs and 
is trend conscious, you'll like this with a little ruffle action over your knees.

Lora Baju Kurung Lace in coral pink color, brightens your mood instantly.

Miranda Baju Kurung Kedah features fluted sleeves lace top and matching mermaid skin.

Thanks for reading stopping by and reading up to this point. If you like to see more posts like this in the future, do give this a like and share it.

For further details of the clothes above, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +6010-2494924 (click the link to talk to us directly over on WhatsApp).

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