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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Top 3 Baju Kurung Style for Hari Raya 2016.

Are you ready for some sneak peeks of what's coming your way at Robinsons outlet for this 2016 Hari Raya collection? Find out which design of baju kurung suits your style. Read on to find out the TOP 3 Baju Kurung Style for your Hari Raya Puasa celebration which is going to fall on 6 - 7 July 2016.

1. The It-Girl Statement Baju Kurung:

If you love a statement baju kurung moden while maintaining a classy vibe, below here is a MUST-HAVE item to be added to your Hari Raya 2016 outfits! We foresee that you will be the envy of all your friends!

Baju Kurung Lace with Sequins Embellishments.
Shop Online>> Vercato Liza in Blue

2. The Girl Next Door Baju Kurung

Here's a look to try for those who adore girly style that are designed for grown ups. We're talking about a well balanced style here. Click on the links on captions of each photo to find out the details.

Baju Kurung Lace with Pearls Embellishments are not to be missed.
Shop Online>> Vercato Daly in Red

2. The Stylish Office Lady with Eye for Details Baju Kurung Moden

Apart from baju kurung, this year, we have some special separates outfit that are pre-matched for your convenience! Amaze your peers with that embroidered skirt when you tuck-in your blouse. Definitely a new style from your usual blouse and long pants combination for the 9-6 outfits on those working days.

Pre-Matched Printed Floral Blouse with Embroidered Long Skirt
Shop Online>> VERCATO Reisa in Pink

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Thanks for checking us out and let's start the countdown to VERCATO's official launching in Robinsons, The Gardens Mall in just 8 days more to go! See you gorgeous ladies there!


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