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Thursday, 17 March 2016

LIMITED-Time Deals: VERCATO 2016 (1st Collection) is Officially Launched with Big Savings on Baju Raya 2016!

Dearest Privileged VERCATO Fans,

The wait is now over! 
For those of you, who are VERCATO avid fans, you would have guessed it correctly! 

Yes, you are free to grab our BEST designs to date, through the "VERCATO 2016 (1st Collection)" series. The full collection is available online with AMAZING DEALS that you'd regret to miss! 

It's so easy to enjoy the special deals! 

Just place your order and you're eligible to get 10% OFF + EXTRA *RM50 OFF!!!

5 Steps to get the discounts you deserved:

1. Click on 'View Cart'
2. Click on 'USE COUPON CODE'
3. Enter your coupon with this discount code: 18MARCH16
4. Click on 'Apply Coupon'
5. Proceed to 'Check Out'

Limited pieces only. Hurry to before sizes ran out of stock. Pssst, most probably, there will not be any restock on sold out items.

For tutorial on how to use discount codes, click here

Discount *RM50 OFF  is ONLY applicable to purchases with any baju from the VERCATO 2016 (1st Collection). Valid on 18th March 2016 (1 day only).

Ways to order online:
1. SHOP at our official site:
2. WHATSAPP Order to: +6011-26600313
3. If you're on FACEBOOK, you may place your order with us via inbox too!
4. E-mail order:

We really hope that you'll love the baju kurung moden and jubah from the new VERCATO 2016 (1st Collection)!
Do leave us a comment down below, which are the items that caught your eyes or whenever you feel like to find someone to talk to. We'll be right here waiting! 

Thanks for checking us out, dearies!



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